Personal Information Protection Policy / Privacy Policy

General Provisions

This Policy stipulates the policy of handling of your personal information acquired by Hands, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as This Company) through your use of the service operated by This Company

Personal information will be collected, held, and used in a manner consistent with all the relevant laws and regulations. The collected personal information will be properly managed and not be used for a purpose other than the stated purpose for which such information is collected.

By using any of the service provided by This Company, you assent This Policy.

  1. 1. Collecting Information
  2. 2. Using Personal Information
  3. 3. Protection of the Personal Information
  4. 4. Referring, Editing and Deleting Personal Information
  5. 5. Disclosure of Personal Information to a Third Party
  6. 6. Inquiry about Personal Information
  7. 7. Change, Revision, Announcement and Notice
  8. 8. Other

1. Collecting Information

This Company may collect the personal information when you use the service of This Company or This Company provides you with the service, if necessary.

(1)Provision of information

(2)Information provided in the occasion of applying to the service by This Company

(3)Information acquired automatically at the time of access

(4) Others

2. Use of personal information

Personal information acquired by This Company is used for the purpose described in the followings.

(1)The case that the customer uses the service provided by This Company

Automatic display of the personal information in each screen for the login and authentication after the login at the time of using the service provided by This Company.

(2)The case that the customer transacts using the service provided by This Company

Various businesses necessary for the products delivery, price settlement, response to inquiry, inquiry from This Company, related service after the sales, transaction performance in the event that the customer applies products purchase, reservation, prize, present and other transaction.

(3)The case that This Company uses it for advertising and various marketing.

(4)The case that This Company use it for responding to inquiries.

Response by e-mail, postal mail, facsimile and telephone to the inquiries about This Company’s service.

(5)The case that it is necessary for the business achievement accompanying various services.

Utilization in the case that it is necessary for the business achievement on the use and provision of the service of This Company.


The case that the personal information is used for the use and provision of the service other than above items. If we make a change to this policy, we will notify you here.

3. Protection of personal information

4. Disclose, refer, revise, and delete personal information

5. Disclosure of personal information to a third party

This Company does not disclose acquired and collected personal information basically to a third party. However, This Company may disclose it in the following cases.

6. Inquiries about personal information

We will appoint a personal information administrator, and will establish relevant regulations to keep personal information correct and to manage it in a secure manner.
For any questions about our privacy policy, please contact our support below.

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823-1 Shinjuku Shimizucho Suntogun, Sizuoka-Ken 411-0901
Hands, Inc. Crayon Contact Center for Personal Information
Mail: info@crayon.world (English only)

7. Policy change and revision and its announcement and notice

This Company may change the contents of "Personal Information Protection Policy/Privacy Policy" without prior notice. It is not communicated with individual user and applicant of various services. Please check the latest contents when you use the service.

8. Other